Troubleshooting—Re-Engaging the Operator

Blinds Between Glass raise and lower with the use of magnets inside the glass and on the external operator. Occasionally, the operator can come loose from the internal magnets, causing the blind to not operate properly. If your operator comes loose, the operator magnets have become disengaged. Re-engaging the magnets is easy, and this video shows you how to do it.

Troubleshooting—Exercising the Blinds

If your Blinds Between Glass have been in a raised position for a long time, the blinds might now lower properly when first lowered. "Exercising" the blinds will correct this issue. This video shows you how to exercise your Blinds Between Glass if needed.


Although Blinds Between Glass never require dusting, the glass itself must be kept clean to ensure easy operation. If operating your blind is taking more force than usual, you might need to clean the glass. This video explains how to clean the glass properly.

Troubleshooting—Blind Levelness

Occasionally when operating Blinds Between Glass, the blind might become out-of-level, with one side of the blind being higher than the other. Adjusting the blinds back to a level position is easy, and this video shows you how to do it.

Blinds Between Glass—Care and Use

Blinds Between Glass stay dust-free, are safe for children and pets, and are easy to care for and operate. This video shows you how to care for your Blinds Between Glass and how to use them for optimal convenience and enjoyment.

Blinds Between Glass—Handling and Transportation

Doors and windows with Blinds Between Glass offer great convenience, but they must be handled and transported properly to ensure they aren't damaged when bringing them home from the store. This video gives you important instructions and tips on what to do before you move or install your new door or window with Blinds Between Glass.